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Specialized Organizing Services

Organizing Specialties

Continuing education and training are an important part of my business.

As a former high school special education teacher and

an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

I am uniquely qualified to work with clients in a wide range of areas,

including clients who are:

Seniors who are aging in place or preparing to relocate

Chronically Disorganized or have Hoarding Tendencies

Situationally Disorganized

Medically Challenged or Fragile

Differently abled due to the challenges associated with age and/or physical, cognitive, emotional, developmental, social and behavioral conditions

Service Descriptions:

Residential Organizing

We will work together to eliminate excess, plan your space, and set up systems and routines that work for you. We offer basic photo organizing, paper management, home inventories, and so much more.

Household Management

We will create systems to make your daily activities easier by addressing your household needs. We will set up household operations, communication, and financial systems that will optimize the flow of information through your home allowing you to handle the everyday and unexpected events that come your way.

Brain-Based & Medical Conditions

We help clients who have difficulty with physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral challenges, identify physical, environmental, and functional obstacles that impact daily living. We work with caregivers and clients to establish systems and create a safe and functional living space that meets the individual needs of the client.

Life Transition Organizing

We work with our clients to develop personalized techniques, tools, and solutions that will help them healthfully and successfully address expected and unexpected changes in their health, family dynamics, employment, moves, and loss. We provide motivational downsizing/rightsizing services and compassionate estate clearing.

Home Office & Small Business Organizing

We will work with you to organized the layout and functionality of your work environment. We will help you decrease stress and increase productivity by creating systems for time, paper, email, and inventory management that work for you.

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