Practical Organizing by Denni, LLC
Eco-Friendly Organizing

Eco Friendly Organizing

Our environment is our best resource.

Practical Organizing by Denni focuses on repurposing, recycling, and responsible disposal of household items.


Our focus is on finding new ways to use items already in our client's possession. We start with reducing and categorizing. Throughout the decluttering process, we often find containers our clients have purchased in prior attempts to become organized. We also empty many containers used for storage. Whenever possible, we will use these containers for organizing and establishing systems that work for our clients without making new purchases.


Recycling is an important component of the decluttering and maintenance process.  We help our clients learn how to responsibly recycle items including paper, plastic, glass, eye-wear, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, linens, clothing/shoes, appliances, and other household items. We stress the importance of knowing what can be recycled or donated and the best process for doing it. We set up systems to keep unnecessary items from coming into our client's homes and how to remove these items from their homes when they are no longer needed in the most environmentally favorable way possible.


For items that cannot be repurposed, recycled, or donated, disposal may be the only option. Proper disposal of batteries, household chemicals, medications, technology is an important way for us to make a difference in our environment.  We assist our clients with information on resources available in their community to responsibly dispose of trash.

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